The Future of OTC Investor Relations

Turbocharge your OTC campaigns with Business Warrior OTC+

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Own Your Investor Relationships

Tired of spending thousands on IR, PR and marketing just to realize you don’t have a direct relationships with the investors you paid to reach?

Business Warrior OTC+ will build your network and increase enterprise value.

Maximize Dollars Spent

Maximize Dollars Spent

Stop spending thousands per week marketing to unknown investors. Get better results by knowing your audience and completing their buy cycle.

Target The Right Audience

Target The Right Audience

Identify prospective investors that are most interested in your stock and show them specific ads based on targeting data.

Maintain Awareness

Maintain Awareness

Messaging that doesn't cause a Promo flag. Continually market to investors that have seen your press releases, visited your website or viewed your social media.

How It Works

How It Works How It Works

What We Provide

Setup of ads on various platforms.

Design and build landing page for your targeted audience.

Advertise your company and ticker.

Provide lists of opted in investors.

Send opted in investors to your CRM.

Setup and provide activity reports.

Update your current Investor Relations page or create one.

Live stock ticker on webpage.

Include list of places the stock can be traded.